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Pilot3D is the lowest priced, full-featured, relational trimmed NURB curve and surface 3D modeling program on the market, with features not found in any other software, at any price.  If you want complete shape control over your curves and surfaces, you need this easy-to-use program.  Let Pilot3D be your  primary 3D modeling program or use it as an add-on to your existing modeling software.  Pilot3D will easily guide you into the world of complex curve and surface design. At just $69.95, you can't lose.

Are You Controlling Your Curves And Surfaces OR Are They Controlling You?

Pilot3D is the result of 20+ years of our own in-house development of B-spline and NURB curve and surface technology. It is based on ProSurf 3, our acclaimed program for boat and ship design, where design is all about detailed shape and smoothness control over complex surfaces. We know all about curved surface design and construction. If you need to do anything with curves and surfaces, you need Pilot3D. It picks up where other programs leave off.

Pilot 3D gives complete and precise control of curves and surfaces for engineers, architects and designers in all applications.

For a great combination of programs, see our Pilot3D and Rhino 3D page.

Look at the links below to see how Pilot3D can work for you!

Curved Surface Architecture


Detailed Curve and Surface Shaping and Smoothing


Reverse Engineering


Surface Development / Layout


2D/3D CAD and Graphic Arts


Precision 2D/3D Airfoils



2D Patterns & Card Models

3D Solid Modeling & Shelling


3D Digital Sculpture


Marine Design


Dynamic Constraint Relationships


Game and Animation Modeling


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