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About Us


New Wave Systems, Inc. (http://www.newavesys.com) was established in 1985 to develop computer-aided design, analysis, and engineering software for boats and ships.   Over the years, many special tools have been developed for shaping and fairing NURB curves and surfaces.  In addition to boats and ships, designers have used these tools to design all types of 3D objects, such as curved buildings, sculptures and a wide variety of industrial design products.  Pilot3D is a next generation program built upon 20 years of programming development!  It is written totally in-house and is not based on any third-party software or kernel.  Because of this extensive background in the area of smooth, complex curve and surface design, Pilot3D contains numerous unique capabilities not found in any other program at any price.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide low cost, top quality curve and surface modeling tools for 3D modeling, computer-aided design, reverse engineering, and animation.  All of our software is developed in-house and sold directly to you, to ensure first class quality and support at the lowest possible price.