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Download Pilot3D (V1.222) Working Demo Program.

Pilot3D runs on any version of the Windows operating system. There are no special hardware or software requirements.

This download contains the limited usage, full capability Pilot3D program.  After 25 file imports or saves the program reverts to a simple demo program that continues to work, but does not allow any file input or output.

Follow these steps:

1. Download the file (pilot3d.exe) to a convenient directory, like "My Download Files".

2. Go to that directory or folder and double click on the pilot3d.exe file.  This will start a normal Windows installation process.

3. After installation, you can delete the pilot3d.exe download file.

4. If you wish to order the program call or e-mail the Un-Lock codes to us along with your credit card information.  See the Order Now section for complete details.

5. If you wish to un-install the program, use the standard Windows Add/Remove Program option.


This download contains the following:

1. The Pilot3D.exe program - See the icon on your desktop or go to Start/Programs/New Wave Systems/Pilot3D.

2. The full program reference manual - in the help file or highlight a command and press F1.

3. Numerous articles and tutorials - See Start/Programs/New Wave Systems/tutorials or articles.

For the fastest way to learn about Pilot3D, please review these tutorials, articles, and HowTo instructions. If you select the  Help-Tutorials command in the program, it will bring you to the simple tutorials page on our web site.