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3D Digital Sculpture


Pilot3D has all of the design tools you need to create or recreate any 3D digital shape. It is especially good at giving designers and sculptors the direct and detailed surface shape controls they need. You are in control of the shape, not the program! This is because Pilot3D uses edit or shape control points that lie directly on the design curves and surfaces (NURBS). Pilot3D also gives you both coarse and fine surface shape control with dynamic curvature smoothness feedback.


This picture shows "Herbie", the Love Bug at Disney World. It's shape was re-created from measured data using our software. Our software allowed the builder to both re-create the shape and to smooth or fair the surfaces to meet construction requirements. Our software also allowed the builder to produce a variety of exact and smooth construction templates. A complete 3D model ready for full-size, 5-axis machining can also be produced.


All other NURB surface software use the traditional vertex points that float off in space. These vertex points (and their net lines) clutter up the screen and make it difficult or impossible to see and control the shape of the surfaces. These programs may give you many ways to sweep or extrude surfaces, but, you are very limited in shape control after that point. To make changes, most programs force you to delete the surfaces, change the underlying curves, and then re-sweep or re-extrude the surfaces. Not Pilot3D!

Pilot3D not only gives you many types of sweep, extrude, shell, and loft commands, it also gives you direct, surface shape control of these surfaces using the edit points lying on the surface. There are no floating vertex points or net lines to get in your way.  This has been our biggest selling point since we started selling 3D design software in 1985. ALL of our customers tell us that our direct and detailed control of the NURB surface points is our biggest selling point. We have been writing 3D design software for over 20 years and have developed many capabilities not found in any other software at any price.


We are confident that as a digital designer or sculptor, you will find that Pilot3D is a "must-have" program to add to your professional studio. At just $69.95, how can you lose?


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